Part Three: The Black Tower

In order to build a strong fleet in the Shackles, one needs more than mere gold to pay for ships and crews. Those who would seek command must also bring a significant amount of Infamy to the table. During the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path, the PCs should have been accumulating Infamy all along, yet they may find that they’re still short of the maximum amount of Infamy they could possess.

While the PCs could certainly work to increase their Infamy as this adventure progresses, Tessa Fairwind’s advice to seek out a particularly infamous treasure to claim as their own represents the fastest way they can gain a significant boost in a single dangerous mission. Her suggestion of seeking out the lost weapon Aiger’s Kiss is an excellent one, and if the PCs ask around about the weapon, the rolling eyes, low whistles, and shaking heads they’ll elicit from normally brave scallywags should confirm the fact. Any group capable of retrieving Aiger’s Kiss and wielding it in battle would be assured of a place in the oral histories of the Shackles.

Isle of the Black Tower

Harrigan Must Die!


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