Whyrlis Rock

Battle-Scarred Slave Mines

Notable Settlements: Chalk Harbor (895)
Dominant Denizens: Humans
Other Denizens: Crysmals, earth elementals
Resources: Fresh water, safe harbor

The spectacular and inglorious collapse of Ghol-Gan left an enormous power vacuum in this region of Golarion for many years. Few scholars of the area know that several millennia later, two powerful sorcerers known as Raugsmauda and Gray Whyrlis came to the Shackles and fought one another for control of the archipelago. Both mages uncovered the very sorceries that caused the death of an entire sprawling empire, and each attempted to harness the buried miraculous might of that crumbled civilization. In the end, however, the sorcerers failed to fully understand the power they were tampering with as well as the possible consequences of their actions. The disastrous incident resulted in the utter obliteration of Gray Whyrlis and so injured Raugsmauda that she was forced to retreat into her dungeon on Motaku Isle for centuries to recover from her wounds.

Whyrlis Rock represents the aftermath of that rivalry, for whatever eldritch powers were unleashed here altered the place terribly. Most of the shoreline seems to have collapsed into the sea, with great spires of rock circling the island, having broken off from what are now sheer cliffs of white, chalky stone. A number of other landmarks on the island are persistently avoided by all and stand as testament to the folly of meddling with powers one doesn’t understand, though some daring entrepreneurs have attempted to establish small settlements on the cursed rock.


Field of Bones and Black Glass
Heskott Bay
Norboro Ashes

Whyrlis Rock

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