The Smoker

Volcanic Isle of Prophets

Notable Settlements: Plumetown (1,130)
Dominant Denizens: Humans
Other Denizens: Fey, magmins, mephits (fire)
Resources: Fresh water, fruit, safe harbor

Mount Keeba, the largest active volcano in the Shackles, is known to most denizens of the archipelago as the Smoker. Slow but steady rivulets of lava constantly course down the mountain’s northern slope, and gouts of steam hiss violently as the molten rock strikes the ocean waters. A steady plume of smoke wafts lazily from the huge crater at the volcano’s summit, which can be seen for many miles in all directions, although the volcano hasn’t erupted violently in recent memory. Only one settlement exists on the island, which nonetheless remains a destination for the many pilgrims on their way to seek words of wisdom from the otherworldly inhabitants of Mount Keeba’s mystical caves.


Cauldrons of Calm & Calamity

The Smoker

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