The Life of a Pirate

Plunder & Infamy Quick Reference

The following terms feature prominently in the plunder and Infamy subsystems, and are called out for ease of reference.

Disrepute: The amount of Infamy the PCs have accrued through successful Infamy checks, which can be spent on impositions. Costs measured in Disrepute are marked with a price.

Infamy Check: A Bluff, Intimidate, or Perform check made to gain Infamy and Disrepute. The DC of this check equals 10 + twice the group’s average character level. Spending plunder grants bonuses on this check.

Impositions: Incredible deeds and outrageous acts that grant the PCs a variety of benefits or impose crippling consequences on their victims. Higher tier impositions become available as PCs reach higher Infamy thresholds.

Infamy Threshold: Ranges measured in Infamy. Upon achieving new Infamy thresholds, additional impositions become available for purchase.

Plunder: An approximation of valuable but non-useful cargo. One point of plunder is worth about 1,000 gp, and takes up 10 tons of cargo capacity, unless otherwise noted.

Infamy: The highest total number of points of Disrepute achieved by making successful Infamy checks, representing the PCs’ total reputation. This number cannot exceed the PCs’ average party level × 4 but rarely, if ever, decreases.

The Life of a Pirate

Those sailing under the fearsome flag of a pirate vessel live by different guidelines than those protected by the laws of the Inner Sea’s nations. A pirate’s life, for the most part, depends upon a foundation of respect and reputation, a scallywag’s propensity for daring raids or flaming ruin having aftershocks extending far beyond the decks of his own ship. In the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path, characters find themselves thrust into the cutthroat lives of pirates. Their success, and potentially their survival, will depend on reputations garnered from their decisions, outrages, and panache. The following presents details and subsystems allowing GMs to track their PCs’ increasing reputation, which has ramifications throughout the Adventure Path, as well as several other systems and side games to help simulate the day-to-day responsibilities and dangers of being Shackles pirates.

Plunder & Infamy

Infamy Threshold


Roles Aboard a Pirate Ship

Pirate Punishment

Pirate Entertainment

The Life of a Pirate

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