Shark Island

Sahuagin-Plagued Slums

Alignment: CE
Capital: Ollo (7,340)
Notable Settlements: Blackblood Cay (915), Raketooth (1,275), Vilelock (470)
Ruler: Avimar Sorrinash
Major Races: Humans, half-elves, half-orcs
Languages: Common, Polyglot, Skald, Varisian
Religion: Besmara, Gozreh, Norgorber
Plunder: Artifacts, gold, poisons, slaves

Many mariners who come to the Shackles dream of accumulating enormous wealth and living in luxury, perhaps retiring to their own little tropical islands. The reality is often much harsher than the fantasy, perhaps nowhere more so than Shark Island. The second-largest landmass in the archipelago, Shark Island was an early favorite of buccaneers when they first started using the region as a base. Its many hideouts suitable as deepwater ports, plentiful sources of fresh water, and varied game within a short distance of the beaches all made it an attractive locale, and it possessed enough tricky reefs, sandbars, and hidden coves to confound even the fiercest pirate hunters.

When the sahuagin arrived, however, it quickly became apparent that Shark Island’s prosperity would be shortlived. The monstrous shark-people first came to inhabit the underwater caves lining the inlet approaching Moak Harbor, but have since greatly expanded in the past 200 years, especially in the region rightly nicknamed the Sahuagin Coast. The towns of Ollo and Raketooth have survived, and two smaller settlements, Blackblood Cay and Vilelock, have recently sprung up, but all still weather raids by the sharktoothed humanoids on a regular basis. Shark Island has degenerated into the undisputed slums of the Shackles, where the most desperate and depraved eke out a sordid existence.


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Lake Vene
Moak Harbor

Shark Island

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