Raptor Island

Dinosaur-Infested Prison Colony

Notable Settlements: Fort Holiday (97)
Dominant Denizens: Deinonychuses
Other Denizens: Dinosaurs, giant beasts, humans, reptiles
Resources: Buried treasure, fresh water, fruit

Rocky shoals and jagged reefs prevent vessels of any significant size from approaching the shores of Raptor Island. To land here, a ship must anchor about a quarter-mile offshore and send out a longboat, carrying whatever ill-fated soul is destined to spend the rest of his or her days on the wild isle, for many Free Captains employ Raptor Island as a place to maroon particularly troublesome enemies captured in battle as well as malcontents and traitors. Most castaways are deposited on the barren beach known as Dead Slave Cove near the mouth of the Broken Hope River, the isle’s main waterway. The rough seas around the island spell a quick death by drowning for all but the most skilled swimmers, as sharks and other marine predators infest the perilous waters. The land has been picked clean of most trees that could be used to build a serviceable escape raft; rather, thorny and fleshy vegetation suitable for little in the way of survival covers most of the island. Inevitably, marooned sailors trudge into the woods seeking a reliable food source, shelter, or some other means of escaping the island, but most discover only their unfortunate position in the food chain.

Raptor Island is well named for its most common denizens: ravenous packs of razor-toothed deinonychuses—other dinosaurs populate the isle as well, but none come close to the dominance of these voracious predators. Grassy hills roll along the island’s interior, becoming drier the farther one travels from the Broken Hope.


Ghost Lake

Raptor Island

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