Rampore Isles

The Rakshasa’s Kingdom

Notable Settlements: Ghrinitshahara (1,390), Halabad (710), Kora (900), Vezhnu (585)
Dominant Denizens: Humans (primarily of Vudrani ethnicity)
Other Denizens: Half-orcs
Resources: Fresh water, rice, safe harbor, slaves, sugar

The Vudrani sailors who have come to the Shackles have long tended to settle on the Rampore Isles, named after some long-forgotten captain or vessel. The town of Ghrinitshahara once so resembled the hamlets and villages of the distant Kingdom of Vudra that it managed to assuage the homesickness of many Vudrani mariners. But 50 years ago, a trio of rakshasas, fleeing bounties placed on their heads by a powerful rajah, made their way to the Shackles. These villains managed to infiltrate Rampore’s loose organization, and within 2 years assassinated or imprisoned all rival Vudrani pirate lords. The remaining population of these once vibrant and thriving isles was subjugated by the rakshasas and the brutal thugs in their employ. The boldest of the three evil outsiders, a mandrill-headed rakshasa of astonishing cruelty and cunning named Bedu Hanji (LE male rakshasa magus 6), managed to do away with his equally treacherous partners, and thus became the undisputed master of the Rampore Isles. Unlike many of the islands of the Shackles, Rampore has become a well-oiled machine with a clearly delineated hierarchy of evil, centralized around the export and trade of humanoid slaves.

Rampore has a large, well-armed armada to protect goods being brought into the islands. Those wishing to trade for what Rampore has to offer must come to Ghrinitshahara, the city in the center of the rakshasa’s domain—Hanji knows better than to risk his profits by transporting his wares past the greedy and envious eyes of his neighbors, who consider the rakshasa an affront to the free-booting spirit of the Shackles. Relations with nearby Bag Island are always especially tense, and several weeks of all-out war have broken out a number of times between these principalities over the past 5 years. The slaver-hating halflings of Bag Island consider the capture of a Rampore slave ship a reason for great celebration. Hanji himself has a simple policy when it comes to captured sailors of the Bag Island fleet: they are crucified on the shoreline Bedu has maliciously named the Halfling Coast.

Along with a full third of Rampore’s growing fleet, Hanji and his ship, the massive galleon Semudarogah (translating roughly from Vudrani as “Sea Plague”), sail north around the Eye, pillaging merchant vessels as far away as Varisia, as well as raiding the coastlines to secure fresh humanoid cargo for the rakshasa’s thriving slave-training camps.

Rampore Isles

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