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Dark Reaver

The Dark Reaver is a three-masted sailing ship, 105 feet long and 30 feet wide. A minimum crew of 20 is required to sail her. Unless otherwise indicated, interior walls on the ship are of wood, 2 inches thick (hardness 5, hp 20, Break DC 20). Doors are of good wooden construction (hardness 5, hp 15, Break DC 18). Interior rooms are unlit during the day (except for those with windows or portholes), and usually have a single hooded lantern for light at night. The decks and compartments of the Dark Reaver are detailed below.

Dark Reaver

Colossal Rahadoumi schooner (sailing ship)
Squares 3 (30 ft. by 90 ft. ) Cost 10,000 gp


AC 13, touch 2; Hardness 5
hp 1620 (sails 360)
Save + 6


Maximum Speed 90 ft. (wind); Acceleration 30 ft.
CMB + 8; CMD 18
Ranged 2 light ballistae +5 (3d8/19-20) (fore); standard catapult +5 (6d6/20) (aft)
Ramming Damage 10d8


Propulsion wind or current
Sailing check Profession (sailor)
Control Device steering wheel
Means of Propulsion 90 squares of sails (three masts)
Crew 23
Decks 3
Cargo/Passengers 150 tons/120 passengers, broad rudder, rapid deploy sails, silk sails


B1. Main Deck B2. Foredeck B3. Aft Deck
B4. Sterncastle B5. Ship’s Boats B6. Officers’ Quarter
B6a. Officers’ Storage B7. Captain’s Cabin B7a. Captain’s Storage
B8. Middle Deck and Armory B9. Crew Berths B10. Galley
B11. Cook’s Cabin B12. Main Hold B13. Secure Storage

PC Ship

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