Pangalley Atoll

Berth of the Screaming Reaver

Notable Settlements: Fort Benbem (60)
Dominant Denizens: Humans
Other Denizens: None
Resources: Fresh water, fruit

The Screaming Reaver, an armored sloop-of-war originally captained by Black-Eye Benbem, bears a reputation as one of the most infamous pirate vessels currently sailing the Shackles. It was notorious for capturing merchant ships, pilfering the cargo, and leaving the crew with hands and feet bound on the ill-fated vessel, which was set adrift after a fire was lit in its hold. Tales tell that Benbem watched wistfully, smoking a pipe as the shrieks of burning victims drifted across the water.

This horrific pattern repeated itself many times before Benbem’s first mate, known simply as Coal-Dark (CE female human fighter 4/rogue 4), grew weary of the waste and dull repetition and slit her captain’s throat, politely asking her startled crewmates afterward if anyone objected to her taking on Benbem’s recently vacated post. The crew made no objections. In the past 3 years, the Screaming Reaver has become far more efficient, with less pointless savagery, though its reputation for violence remains undiminished. The reviled crew includes first mate Boc Haymartin (CE male human bard 5), whose penchant for achieving pitch-perfect screams from captives he tortures precedes him; Heric Whalebiter (CE male human rogue 4), who boasts that he cannot be poisoned; Mellas the Small (CE female halfling cleric of Besmara 4), a former resident of Bag Island who escaped after setting fire to Gozreh’s shrine in Beachcomber; and Wolah (CE female half-orc sorcerer 4), renowned for the dramatic vengeance she exacts for even minor discourtesies.


Heavywater Perch
Wailing Cave

Pangalley Atoll

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