Motaku Isle

Thriving Pirate Haven

Alignment: CN
Capital: Quent (12,560)
Notable Settlements: Bogsbridge (995), Lilywhite (780), Rapier Bay (1,340)
Ruler: Tessa Fairwind
Major Races: Humans, half-elves, half-orcs, halflings
Languages: Common, Polyglot
Religion: Besmara, Calistria, Cayden Cailean, Gozreh
Plunder: Beasts, dyes, ores

Motaku Isle is both the largest island of the Shackles and its most geographically diverse. Most of it remains untamed wilderness, despite the four thriving settlements that line the north and west coasts. Past those sandy beaches, the rich and deadly Motak Jungle dominates the north side of the isle, while marshy rivers cover the south and east coasts, the quadrants known collectively as the Karsule Swamplands. Finally, Paego Peaks—the squat range of mountains that bisects the isle—and the Takalak Hills complete this varied picture. All of these biomes have their own dangers and enticements, for countless tales of treasure buried across Motaku Isle are told in every tavern in the Shackles.


Glittering Lake
Pit of Raugsmada

Motaku Isle

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