Mgange Cove

Home of the Juju Pirates

Notable Settlements: Ngozu (695)
Dominant Denizens: Humans (primarily of Mwangi ethnicity)
Other Denizens: Boars, giant geckos, rhinoceroses
Resources: Fresh water, gems, juju relics, lumber, safe harbor

Known for their fierce dispositions and courage in the heat of confrontation, sailors native to the Mwangi Expanse are a staple of the Shackles, and many pirate captains actively seek Mwangi sailors for their crews. While these hard-working mariners are common throughout the archipelago, it is rare for crews to be composed exclusively of Mwangi sailors. The port of Ngozu is a notable exception—it is home to a sizable fleet of pirate vessels crewed by sailors of Mwangi heritage, nearly all of Bonuwat descent. The most famous ships hailing from that port include the frigate Marjani (“Red Coral” in Polyglot), captained by Femi Ekua (CN female human fighter 5/rogue 2); the brigantine Bahari Laana (“Seaborne Evil”), captained by Bloody Abrafo (CE male human bard 7); and, perhaps most legendary, the galleon Kiburo Nguma (“Proud Fist”), captained by “Big Blue” Baolo (CN male human fighter 6/rogue 3).


Ongongte Overlook
Zhukuo Tegeg

Mgange Cove

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