Kepre Dua

Secluded Elven Enclave

Notable Settlements: Alendruan Harbor (1,255)
Dominant Denizens: Elves
Other Denizens: None
Resources: Fine silks, fresh water, gems, safe harbor

Far away from the Shackles, verdant Kyonin is the largest elven nation on all of Golarion. It has no access to the Inner Sea or Arcadian Ocean, and for many elves, the sea holds no allure. Those who have found their way to the Shackles and a life of piracy are a breed apart, and those familiar with the traditional elves of Golarion might be taken aback by the archipelago’s inhabitants. They call themselves “ocean elves,” and refer to their more traditional brethren as “the Landlocked” or “the Treebound,” though no real racial distinction exists between them. Seemingly born to the sea, ocean elves tend to be fearless individualists—wild, short-tempered, and quick to take offense. They often find themselves hopping from one crew to another, staying under the leadership of a pirate captain for no more than a year or two, forever seeking some unspoken and unconscious goal that continues to elude them. For some Shackles-faring elves, this inexplicable compulsion draws them inevitably toward the isle of Kepre Dua.


Obelisk of Wonders

Kepre Dua

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