Hesmene's Grotto

Lair of the Enchantress

Notable Settlements: None
Dominant Denizens: Blue Hesmene and her “pets”
Other Denizens: Sea birds, turtles
Resources: Fresh water, fruit, hidden coves, hidden treasure

When the Shackles first became a base of operations for pirates plaguing the Cheliax-Sargava trade routes, ships wishing to skirt the dangerous waters north of Dahak’s Teeth often used this rocky island as a refuge. With several hidden coves and sources of fresh water, and populated mostly by various breeds of turtles and sea birds, the isle was perfect for buccaneers in need of a brief respite. These early visitors marveled over the island’s most remarkable feature: dozens of grottoes filled with strains of phosphorescent algae that illuminate the sea caves in a miraculous glow of colors. For a time, many pirates considered the island and its mystical caverns to be a small piece of paradise in the Shackles.

About 100 years ago—not long after the Eye of Abendego erupted to the north—the spiteful rusalka known as Blue Hesmene came to these rocky caves, emerging from a portal that linked the isle to her home on the First World. She set about making the island her cruel playground, luring in sailors with ingenious ruses and populating the isle with her discarded playthings. Over the years she has amassed quite a large fortune, and secreted it about the island’s numerous caves, most of which are only accessible at low tide. Tales of this wealth have drawn many adventurers to her grottoes, but very few have come away with anything but their lives and the disturbing dreams that plague their sleep to the end of their days.


Camp of the Merry Pranksters
Camp of the Penitents

Hesmene's Grotto

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