Devil's Arches

Jungle of Diabolic Ruins

Alignment: N
Capital: Hell Harbor (9,230)
Notable Settlements: Mezdrubal (1,010), Pex (835), Tyvas-Devas (690)
Ruler: Arronax Endymion
Major Races: Humans
Languages: Common, Polyglot, Skald, Varisian
Religion: Besmara, Calistria, Norgorber, Pharasma
Plunder: Fine clothes, gems, jewelry, slaves

West of the perilous Straits of Balthus, Devil’s Arches was one of the first major islands of the Shackles discovered by Chelish explorers some 600 years ago. The island is covered with Ghol-Gan ruins—enormous, crumbling edifices and eroded towers that remain as reminders of humanity’s impermanence, as well as its capacity for evil. The limestone platforms, amphitheaters, and ziggurats are covered top to bottom with bas-relief carvings and paintings depicting acts of repulsive depravity, suggesting a horrifically bloody and degenerate civilization. These ancient Ghol-Gan cities dot the entire island, and many stand in startling contrast to one another, depicting entirely unique facets of the civilization they collectively belonged to. Yet each city possesses a singular constant structure: a great gray stone arch devoid of any carving or decoration that stands at the center of each set of ruins. The Chelish explorers who originally stumbled upon these monuments found their blatant nakedness even eerier and more obscene than any other relics on the island, and thus referred to each of these landmarks as the Devil’s Arches, giving the island its name. These arches remain entirely endemic to the island, and both scholars and archaeologists continue to bicker about their significance; however, many agree that the monoliths’ names are more accurate than the original explorers perhaps knew, and the arches may have once been diabolical gateways to summon the denizens of Hell or some similarly evil demiplane.


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Devil's Arches

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