Dahak's Tooth

Secret City of the Harkule

Notable Settlements: Heslandaena (1,110), Yelligo Wharf (245)
Dominant Denizens: Drow (underground)
Other Denizens: Half-orcs, humans, jungle animals, wyverns
Resources: Fresh water, hunting, safe harbor

The island of Dahak’s Tooth looks much like the East Fang—tropical rainforest populated by predatory cats, primates, and reptiles with dozens of watery cenotes scattered across the land. Though its shores boast many spots with superior anchorage, game is good, and fresh water plentiful, the wyverns and occasional dragons that fly overhead keep most outsiders away from the island, as do the untold horrors that lurk below.


Blood Fountain
Stone of Tears

Dahak's Tooth

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