Bedu Hanji

Captain of the Semudarogah and lord of Rampore Isles


Bedu HanjiCR 15

XP 51200
Male Rakshasa Magus 6
LE Medium outsider (native, shapechanger)
Init + 11; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception + 22


AC 37, touch 20, flat- footed 29 (+ 4 armor, + 4 shield, + 7 Dex, + 9 natural, + 2 deflection, + 1 dodge)
hp 168 (10d10+ 6d8+ 86)
Fort + 13, Ref + 16, Will + 15
DR 15/good, 15/piercing; SR 25


Speed 40 ft.
Melee + 2 bane (human) kukri + 24/+ 19/+ 14 (1d4+ 6/15- 20/×2+ 2d6 vs. Human) and
   bite + 21 (1d6+ 4/×2) and
   claw + 21 (1d4+ 4/×2)
Special Attacks detect thoughts, spellstrike
Sorcerer Spells Known (CL 7th; concentration + 11):
3rd (5/day)— lightning bolt (DC 17), suggestion (DC 17)
2nd (7/day)— invisibility, minor image (DC 16), acid arrow
1st (7/day)— silent image (DC 15), magic missile, shield, mage armor, charm person (DC 15)
0 (at will)— mage hand, detect magic, mending, ghost sound (DC 14), dancing lights, prestidigitation (DC 14), message
Magus Spells Prepared (CL 6th; concentration + 10):
2nd (4/day)— cat’s grace, web (DC 16), gust of wind (x2) (DC 16)
1st (5/day)— color spray (DC 15), burning hands (DC 15), ray of enfeeblement (DC 15), expeditious retreat, obscuring mist
0 (at will)— acid splash, ray of frost, daze (DC 14), read magic, light


Str 19, Dex 24, Con 20, Int 18, Wis 16, Cha 18
Base Atk + 14; CMB + 18; CMD 38
Feats Combat Expertise, Dodge, Improved Critical (kukri), Improved Initiative, Mobility, Spring Attack, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (kukri), Whirlwind Attack
Skills Acrobatics + 19 (+ 23 jump), Bluff + 27, Diplomacy + 23, Disguise + 12, Perception + 22, Perform (Wind Instruments) + 23, Profession (sailor) + 22, Sense Motive + 22, Spellcraft + 19, Stealth + 26;* Racial Modifiers* + 4 Bluff, + 8 Disguise
Languages Common, Draconic, Halfling, Infernal, Polyglot, Sahaugin
SQ arcane pool, change shape, magus arcana (empowered magic [1/day], silent magic [1/day]), spell combat, spell recall
Other Gear + 2 Bane (Human) Kukri, Ring of protection + 2

Special Abilities

Arcane Pool (+ 2) (7/day) (Su) Infuse own power into a held weapon, granting enhancement bonus or selected item powers.
Change Shape (any humanoid, alter self) (Su) You can change your form.
Combat Expertise + /- 4 Bonus to AC in exchange for an equal penalty to attack.
Damage Reduction (15/good) You have Damage Reduction against all except Good attacks.
Damage Reduction (15/piercing) You have Damage Reduction against all except Piercing attacks.
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Detect Thoughts (DC 19) (Su) A rakshasa can detect thoughts as per the spell of the same name (CL 18th). It can suppress or resume this ability as a free action. When a rakshasa uses this ability, it always functions as if it had spent three rounds concentrating and thus
Empowered Magic (1/day) (Su) 1/day, cast a spell as if Empowered without altering the casting time or level.
Mobility + 4 to AC vs. AoO provoked by moving out of or through a threatened area.
Silent Magic (1/day) (Su) 1/day, cast a spell as if Silenced without altering the casting time or level.
Spell Combat (Ex) Use a weapon with one hand at – 2 and cast a spell with the other.
Spell Recall (Su) Spend your Arcane Pool to recall spells you have already cast.
Spell Resistance (25) You have Spell Resistance.
Spellstrike (Su) Deliver touch spells as part of a melee attack.
Spring Attack You can move – attack – move when attacking with a melee weapon.
Whirlwind Attack Instead of making a full attack, you attack all foes in reach.


Area of Operation Rampore Isles
Vessel Semudarogah

Attired in vibrant silks that offset his cobalt and crimson mandrill features, Bedu’s sharp, simian teeth betray the brutality the rakshasha pirate lord is known for. The massacre of innocents aside, no pirate lord has a greater appreciation for song than Hanji, and he intends to entice Golarion’s finest performers to the Shackles with a lavishly funded music competition. Rumor has it he is also considering a special event for household slaves to enter, with the winner receiving not only a generous financial reward, but also her freedom.

Bedu Hanji

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